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I Return Edward Thomas To The Library

and I watch him slide, slow and grinding,
into the slot. A whirr and a clunk
and a beep and he’s gone. I feel sad, no,
more and less than sad: remote.
I want to grab him back,
keep him with me, keep him close.
Two images, then: a Somerset campfire,
Joe Strummer doing Redemption Song for us;
Courtney Love, screaming  with a different pain
as his coffin headed for the flames.

Every loss is different. Every loss reminds us

and I remember the sun-filled afternoon
before all this, before you and me,
when I sat on his Hampshire hill
and felt a taste of you,
felt the timelessness
and the joy of elm and church bells
and Autumn sun.
I thanked him then for bringing me alive
and I thank him here, now,
for bringing me to you.

Every loss is different. Every loss reminds us

and I turn, walk away, swipe my card.
It pings but the barrier refuses to open:
I freeze and tears,
those ruinous tears,
lurk again but he’s taught me,
as you’ve taught me,
and I’ve learned
how the wind would sound
and so I breathe, begin again, take each of you with me,
out into the Summer light.

Every single loss








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  1. Really really good.

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