Jan 132010

Caught Cameron’s speech about ‘character’ the other day and it sent me reeling, truly unable to decide if it was depressing or cheering. He was (or seemed) sincere: a consummate communicator, empathic, thoughtful, sensitive, ready to draw inspiration from passion and belief and from evidence and research. He seemed (or was) willing to discard the old, hateful, Tory rage and resentments, willing to take on the best of the new ‘liberal’ realities. He seemed like a decent bloke. And there wasn’t a word I disagreed with. Not a single Labour or Liberal¬† politician has engaged me in that way for more than a decade. And I think- I know, after that speech- that he’s going to get in, Trojan horse for the old enmities and divisions and brutal lack of curiosity of a party that still worships Thatcher. I hope he means it all and I hope he finds a way to keep his stone-eyed, malevolent mates away from our schools and healthcare and culture: if he doesn’t, the paranoia and collective delusion and principle-vacuum of these last days of New Labour could feel like a golden age.

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  1. . . . and if he does allow that to happen, the backlash against the Tories will be huge. I think you're right: Cameron will win – but I think he'll struggle to last more than a single term.

  2. Dunno mate- hope you're right- but we live in a society where millions of voters don't remember what Thatcher did- and her regime's longevity showed how masochistic and lacking in compassion so many of the people who do remember actually were. I guess the hope is that the sour feelings left after the great bank rip-off and the expenses scandal are alert, paranoid, angry ones and not apathetic 'we can't change anything anyway' ones.

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